Ways to wear curly hair

If you cannot beat them, join them. The curls come back this season marked by the personality of their owners and in the company of a host of alternatives designed to make them unique. The wavy hair never goes out of fashion and that, based on it, we can look many hairstyles and haircuts. Of course, to see the optimal results, we always have to pay special attention to their care. Hydration is the basis for our hair always looks silkier and with zero frizz.

The wavy hair is already emerging as one of the most flattering types we have. Why?, Because thanks we will get to give the shape we want in the riskiest hairstyles. Hence, it is a great base to get the best hairstyles because it is very easy to work with him. Discover it!

Wavy hair in cuts Bob

Here two great protagonists come together. On the one hand, wavy hair is the, one of the cuts that are succeeding in these last times. The cut Bob is one of the great allies to look in a hair like this. Undoubtedly, in all its versions, we can highlight a youthful and fresh hairstyle that will always be trendy. Here we can make some recommendations so you can choose in a more timely way, your new look change. If your hair besides wavy tends to have a curl a little more pronounced, then the best thing is that you opt for the Long-Bob. It is a hairstyle that allows us to show off a mane and, therefore, the curls will look more stretched, since we want to achieve them are simple waves.

Soft wavy hair:

On the other hand, if you have a hair with very soft waves since your hair tends to be a little thinner, and then you can choose to cut Bob in shorter or asymmetrical versions. In this way, we will not be afraid of the hair opting for a little more volume. We will have a perfect hair with that carefree air that we like so much.

Wavy Manes XXL

Well, it seems that having wavy hair, these will be our best allies. It will give more volume to the mane and thanks to it, we will be able to cut a few layers and apply some wicks or reflections to intensify its naturalness.

Style with asymmetric

If you are the one who prefers to wear those breakthrough hairstyles, then you can opt for those who have the tendency of the asymmetric. On the one hand, the lopsided haircuts are perfect for curly hair. They consist of one side shorter than the other. As we mentioned before, layered cuts are also especially indicated when we do not have too much curly hair. If you want volume, you will have it thanks to these layers, although it is always advisable that you define the undulations with the help of some gel or foam. You can opt for a vintage hairstyle as long as you shape each strand and mark the waves, holding them with hairpins until you get the desired structure.


Wavy hairstyle photo

Wavy hairstyle photo

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