Look for these Pixie hairstyles

Look for these Pixie hairstyles:

‘Bob’, ‘pixie’ … These are the short fashionable haircuts although their possibilities seem, a priori, reduced. However, nothing is further from reality: take note of these inspiring ideas to comb your hair. It is one of the summer haircuts, comfortable, fresh and versatile. And the actress shows us that she is also very feminine, wearing it with all kinds of accessories. Cutting your hair and wearing a masculine style haircut, a pixie or a garçon is not a simple decision. But this summer has become one of the trends in a matter of hair. There are some of the famous people who have dared to take the step, in some cases, even to shave their heads.

The ‘pixie’ cut

The ‘pixie’ is simplicity and minimalism done combed. It is short but still manageable (and ideal to wear jewel tiaras). It never goes out of fashion, you can dye your hair a thousand colors without fear of spoiling it and it will not give you any extra work. Do you want an elegant look? Bet on the simplest, comb your pixie haircut down and, with a touch of wax, brings some disheveled strands to the fringe area. This finish will allow you to focus all your attention on the makeup and accessories, what do you think a few things to the crown?

  • If you have gone to the pixie court and the hair does not give you a ponytail, quiet, you can bet to give a different point to your look with a brooch or ornaments as fun as the pigeons that the singer has. Ruffle your hair and innovate!
  • Just apply a generous dose of hair gel to get a wet effect, mark two diagonal lines well defined and lift, slightly, the hair that is in the triangle that is formed in the center. To put a color dot, apply gel glitter on the stripes.
  • Have you opted for shaved sides and a long upper part? This option will suit you very well. You just have to curl your hair and pick it up without tightening it a lot, do not you get it? Attach it with hairpins. Complete your look with a brooch or hair accessory like the artist.
  • One of the most simple and elegant hairstyles for pixie hair is the wet effect, but if you want to give it a different point, combine it, with a toupee. Looking so radiant and great is possible by applying a good dose of hair gel, lifting the front of the hair and combing the rest back.
  • Who said that by having short hair you could not make braids? You just have to cut the line to one side and if, like the model, you also have the long hair in the upper area, take the root braid up instead of the nape of the neck.
  • Have you passed the pixie but you keep the fringe? Bet to smooth and open, slightly, in half and gives your look a sweet and romantic with a headband.

Pixie hairstyle photo

Pixie hairstyle photo

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