Graceful natural hairstyle

When we are younger we prefer a more extravagant and romantic hairstyle, we like to do experiments and we focus on the search for the best color and the best haircut. But “growing up” (that is, getting a little older) for many of us also means changing our hairstyle to better match our age. What woman would not like to look young and beautiful at any age? We all want to do it. The collected hair can be with braids since once we made a simple braid that we used to make when we were little girls we can pick it up and shape it by just tying it or adding a brooch to our head.

Never forget the famous headbands that can save us when we do not comb or when our hair is uncontrollable by moisture, this accessory leaves the look of our head neat and fast to comb evenly. Bet the hairstyle with braids always! And if it’s curled up much better! where you can do style crowns, princesses, add the trend of the headbands with cats ears that is very beautiful and eye-catching.

Then you have if you like more the side knotted pigtails where if you have long hair you can grab two ends of hair and as if they were ties you tie them on the side of your shoulder.

Another simple style is the low ponytail with a knot that can be more decoration with an appliqué or if you do not have it simply without anything.

If you have waves in your hair you just tie it up by taking your head in the middle separating the two ends of hair and making a knot in the nape of the neck.

The tall and elegant ponytail is a classic that our mothers made us when we were simple and practical girls, where we collected our hair generally straight and with a rubber band we tied it from the top of the head from the part of the upper neck. Many times you will ask yourself how to make hairstyles according to the type of face so that they stay fashionable and beautiful following fashion. In this article, we will try to provide tips and advice on the different types and forms of hairstyles for different types of faces.

Loose hairlines in the middle. The simplest hairstyle in the universe is back in fashion: hair down to the middle. In 5 seconds you take it out, although, if you have a little more time, you can pass to achieve an incredible way

A hairstyle derived from the braids but that can also be from the collected hair

A bow where the bun at the nape will be a more than simple proposal and will be beautiful for any party

Do you want more simple steps? You do not have time now you can continue with straight hair these braids as if it were a tiara

Making a side ponytail was never so easy in these steps with an accessory fixture at the end

Loose tie. Believe it or not, this hairstyle you see in the image below is the latest fashion on the European catwalks. More simple impossible, right?

Graceful natural hairstyle

Natural hairstyle photo

Natural hairstyle photo

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