What’s new for a mushroom hairstyle?

This year short haircuts are fashionable and many women are cutting long hair to wear shorter styles. However, before making a big change you should find out if the short hair cuts adapt to the shape of your face.

There are many women who have long necks and often encounter difficulties in selecting an appropriate hairstyle. The short hairstyles are there to highlight the neck, but there is a trick to making the neck look longer. If you have a long neck, then you should not cut your hair on top of your chin. Instead, you can ask the stylist to graduate the cut based on the length of the neck.

The mushroom cut is an ideal style for women. It is basically very short in the lower part of the head (nape) and sides while leaving the upper part of the nape a little longer to give volume and beauty. In the upper part, the hair is left in a medium length so that it can be styled and combed easily. It is so practical that it is left to mold in various ways for your convenience and according to the occasion.

For the sophisticated

Bet on this look that made Victoria Beckham fashionable. Half extra smooth hair that bares the nape of the neck. And to round off the features, the bangs, it can be tilted, Cleopatra style, blunt. This hairstyle requires time to comb it. It is i deal with very smooth hairs. You only need a dryer and an iron for a perfect finish. For a perfect finish, a little is serum.

For the most daring

If you want a daring haircut and that does not involve time to comb , bet on the look of Rihanna. Say goodbye to the mane and cut it asymmetrically in the boy style leaving a thick tuft that covers part of the forehead. To master this hairstyle , you only need to straighten the fringe. With gel or gel, you can comb the rest.

For the ultra modern

If you want to take years off you bet on a half hair very scaled. Look at Sharon Stone, who would say he’s 50? If your face accepts the fringe, bet on it. Hair very blunt to give volume . To comb with gel and hair gel you can shape the haircut.

For the radicals

If you want a cut that rejuvenates you, that is practical and very comfortable, cut her hair style as the boy made Victoria Beckham has again surprised with this radical cut. The result is very favorable. To comb with a little wax will be enough.

For curly hair

Bet on a very casual look while sexy. If your hair is hard to master, forget about haircuts that require time and dedication. To comb your hair you just need foam and a diffuser to get perfect curls.


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