The most amazing Hairstyle tips

The best tips and all the hairstyle tricks are here and we have brought them exclusively for you. Because to wear a hair 10 do not need to spend hours in front of the mirror, but know the best techniques, how to carry them out and all the hairstyles that help us to wear the look we want without being slaves of beauty. If you’ve always wanted to know how to make a spiky braid, a catwalk ponytail or how to make your smooth mane stay intact even with moisture, you’ve fallen into the right place.

For some girls, it is difficult to comb and look just as they wanted. If you are not an expert with the brush or the iron, but you want to see yourself fixed, do not worry, here are 19 great tricks that will help you look beautiful and fresh.

  1. Make sure your style remains fixed by flipping the pins

If you have difficulty keeping your hair in place, try moving the brooch a bit, placing the wavy side up.

  1. More durable curls

If you have straight hair, wrap your hair in aluminum foil before ironing, so the curls will last longer.

  1. Secure the end of your braid with a hidden clasp

Tie the ends of your braid in a knot, then slide a brooch up to secure it, and voila! A funny hairstyle

  1. Create a cool hairstyle in seconds with just a few pins

Take a section of hair between the hairline and the crown of the head and secure it with snaps. Next, take a small section of hair from the front of your head and wrap it behind your head. Secure it with snaps. Repeat this with the left side of your head and follow the steps until you have the sections you think are enough, alternating the clasps each time.

  1. Use a headband to create an unexpected change

To have this youthful but elegant look, wrap your hair around an elastic band before putting it on top of your head to create a tunnel effect.

  1. Use a spring clasp instead of several clasps to fix your style

Spring clips can do the job of 20 regular snaps. Turn them in the center of your hair to make sure and that’s it!

  1. Cover the elastic band with a section of hair to look professional

After you have tied your ponytail, take a section of hair and pass it around. Fix it with a brooch.

  1. Use an eyeshadow along the root part of your scalp to make it look thicker

This is just a trick that will make your hair look denser.

  1. Make your own fixative with mineral water and a spoonful of sea salt

You may have a fixative that you love, but if you do not, or if you want to create some texture in your hair, you should mix 20 ounces of mineral water and a teaspoon of sea salt, in grain, in a spray bottle to make some of your own fixers.

Hairstyle photo

Hairstyle photo

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