New sophisticated hairstyles in town

Do you know what trends in haircuts and hairstyles we aim from hairstyles from 10 to 2018? Do not? Well, keep reading. But first of all I suppose that like me, you will have a lot of good intentions for this year 2018; sign up to the gym and that have insisted on accompanying you in 2018 around the hips …as is often the case at this time, a great many purposes are marked to improve both personally and professionally. To help achieve these goals and shelve everything bad, what better to start this year with a new haircut?

Actresses, singers, and models have taken advantage of these last weeks to dress up a look and get ready for the holidays. These will be the styles that will triumph in 2018:

‘Curtain fringe’

Many celebrities have fallen to this fringe in a curtain that favors the oval faces. Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin made this cut fashionable in the 70s, which is characterized by being longer on the sides and opening slightly in the center to give a more disheveled air. The fringe can be worn with both smooth and striped hair as Alessandra Ambrosio, or with a slight undulation to give more volume to the look.

Bob shaggy’

The bob has been one of the cuts of 2017 and will continue to be next year. In this case, it is known as bob shaggy, a half mane with texture and movement in the tips that have led Emma Stone, Alexa Chung and more recently, Emily Ratajkowski. This style is perfect for those girls who have very thin hair and no volume.

‘Long bob’

It is one of the most flattering cuts for its versatility. The fury of the hairy stockings, initiated by Kate Middleton, will continue in 2018. The ideal thing is to bring the straight hair to about five fingers below the shoulders. It is an ideal option to get a mane with a fresh and youthful air, which can be worn with straight, curly and wavy hair.


Tom Ford already warned him in his fashion show at New York Fashion Week last September. The pixie cut will be in fashion again. It gives a comfortable style for daring girls who want to undergo a radical change of look.

‘Midi’ with stripe in the middle

It is another hairstyle with the bob as the protagonist, in this case, with the line in the middle. This style is not suitable for all faces. Those that have the face with the square, heart or rhomboid shape can have a mane at the height of the clavicle but with the stripe on the side since it will soften the features.

‘Flipside hair’

This style is what Reese Witherspoon always wears: bangs aside. It girl engine Bing or the actress Chloe Moretz wear this look with a casual look. The key is to give a lot of volume to the root to get the toupee effect.

New hairstyle  photo

New hairstyle  photo

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