Cute Kid’s hairstyle: There are different hairstyles that you can make for your kids, sister or niece, each and every one of these styles will make the little one look more beautiful. They can also be fashionable from small, try these hairstyles! And for the little ones a good hairstyle cannot miss because they make them look good; tender, natural and beautiful. That’s why today we present the top of the best styles for girls to look like princesses. There are diverse, varied and infinite models of hairstyles with braids for kids. The advantages of hairstyles with braids are that they are elegant hairstyles that look great on kids. The braids can be made in various ways and with them, you can create wonderful hairstyles.

Inside the braids, we find the waterfall braid that will be beautiful in your girl, but you must have patience and practice this hairstyle a lot. For this type of braid, you do not need long hair, but you can do it in short or medium hair. Another type of braid that kids ask for a lot and is really surprising is the double braid, which takes a long time but is very beautiful and delicate in kids. Currently, women, since they are kids, love to vary their hairstyles every day, whether for school or friends parties, let your daughter steal the looks with these techniques of hairdressing children believe me you will be fascinated!


Make a hairstyle with our girl with short hair is the difficult but not impossible task, we must find simple hairstyles that can be done quickly and that is beautiful and elegant in our princess. A tight hairdo, a braid, or several pigtails are some of the options that can be done when we have short hair, or we can also make a nice and original hairdo forming small strands of hair. Here we leave some ideas of hairstyles for kids with short hair. Here you have a selection of ideas for easy hairstyles for girls, ideas for school, Communion or a birthday party.

Root braid:

Hairdressing teaches step by step to make hairstyles easy and fast for boys and girls. A root braid collects the top of the hair. Braid root, Pigtail, collected, braids, headdresses. Hair care for children, ideas to comb hairstyles for girls and boys

Picked up with hooks:

Picked with hooks we explain step by step how to make a nice pick up with hooks for a girl. We give you ideas of quick and easy hairstyles to make girls for First Communion or the hairdresser ‘My little hair’ teaches us easy fashion for children.

Hairstyle with two braids:

Hairstyle with two braids hairdressing teaches step by step to make easy and fast hairstyles to boys and girls. Two braids collect all the hair.  There are millions of ideas like you can make braids, buns, twist, upside down braid, Minnie Mouse bows, and many more!


Hairstyle photo

Hairstyle photo
Photo by Christine und Hagen Graf

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