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Corporate dinners, Christmas Eve dinner, New Year’s Eve, family meals … starts the season with the highest concentration of events and parties of the year. Not even the influencers during the fashion weeks. But calm, because we have the perfect advent calendar: 14 perfect party hairstyles for each event.

An original semi-pick for the hair stockings

If you are one of those who have opted for the average mane this season, the hair of Rachel Evan Wood, is your hairstyle.

Step by step: Pre-smooth and pick up the upper part with your fingers, tying it with a thin, transparent gum in a pigtail with loose hair. Next, take the ponytail and roll a loop or ribbon over it until the middle of the strand, leaving the final part. Fold it over itself and hold it in the area where the rubber is with a fork. Voila!

A ballerina bun

Because the ballerina bun is so versatile that just as you can use it to go to the gym, with an informal touch and a bright makeup can be the perfect hairstyle for this occasion.

Step by step: collect in the crown area, with all the hair back and combing with your fingers. You can vary the version with the stripe to the middle and strands in the front as in the proposal of Camila Cabello.

Roll the pigtail over itself and then fasten with hairpins hidden in the hair. Fix it with spray.

Pigtail with tie… to go see grandma at Christmas

Step by step: Smoothes the hair previously and pick it up in a low ponytail, leaving some loose strands on the sides to give it an informal look. Add a romantic loop or pin.

Hairstyle for short hair

This one is for those who are going to give their all at the end of the year dinner with friends. One of the trends that stomp: XL forks in sight. Kristen Stewart tried it on this look, ideal for short hair.

Step by step: boost your natural texture with a styling product. With wet hair, squeeze with your fingers and dry a few seconds with a hairdryer. Make the line on one side, giving volume with the diffuser on the other side and hold the opposite, and well attached to the head, with hairpins. Put some over others to give the touch TOP.

Pigtail with extra volume for New Year’s Eve

You can go to the fashion hair accessory: the removable pigtails. We show you how to put them here.

The key: to polish your hair well to achieve the wet effect and to place the high false pigtail with a matching pigtail cover accessory. It will give a plus volume.

Mane with jewel pins for a Christmas Eve as a family.

If you are not a pick-up, take this romantic, feminine and elegant idea: a loose mane (valid for long or medium hair) with stripe on one side and pins on the sides. Our favorites for the holidays: decorated with jewel or pearl applications.

Party hairstyle photo

Party hairstyle photo

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